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Made to Measure Shirts - How to Look Your Best in a Dress Shirt

Since off-the-rack or ready-to-wear dress shirts are made to fit a broad spectrum of body types grosir kaos distro murah berkualitas, rarely do they fit the customer adequately. If you're lucky enough to be able to be these dress shirts and have the perfect fit, you're lucky and one of the very few who have a body type that fits perfectly into a standard sized dress shirt. But let's be realistic it is only a small percentage that are in this category. If you do, just pass any store and get your fitted dress shirt. Be careful though sizes change from store to store. Made-to-measure dress shirts are the optimal option for most men for the following reasons:

1. They are measured specifically for each customer so that the dress shirts are made to the exact fit the customer wants. Not all men like their shirts fitting the same way, so this is where the customer can customize any part of the shirt to his liking.

2. Once the customer finds an adequate tailor to do the job, the customer doesn't have to go anywhere else. Shirts can be made from any design, fabric, and color that the tailor has and doesn't have to go looking from store to store to find that perfect dress shirt.

3. Because these made to measure dress shirts are tailored to each specific customer, you'll have the options of choosing several different combinations of cuff styles, collar styles, button colors, and much more so that the shirt will truly be unique to you.

When getting measured by an experienced tailor, made to measure dress shirts, or sometimes called (but not exactly the same) bespoke, custom or tailored dress shirts, should take at least nine different measurements of the upper body. Although some may take more or make details as far as the slope of the shoulder and shape of the mid torso, made to measure shirts won't be of high quality if less than nine measurements are taken. You may come across a tailor who may use as little as height, weight, and jacket size, but you'll soon find out that the end result from these tailors will be of poor quality.

With made to measure shirts, you'll be able to look your best by customizing each specific aspect of the dress shirt to compliment your unique body type. Many men seem to be unaware of the fact that, when broken down, the dress shirt has numerous components and each one has a unique effect on a specific body type. Certain collars go well with certain face shapes, and certain cuffs can have a different effect on the length of arms. When combined together, all these different components can have a huge effect on how you look in a dress shirt. To take full advantage of how a dress shirt can make you look, getting made to measure shirts through a well experienced tailor is the unrivaled method to looking great in a dress shirt.

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